Explain training

The actual training is 30 minutes 15 minutes on the arms and 15 minutes on the legs.
I put the pressure belt around the upper arm right below the arm pit and on the legs, right at the crease of the leg.
As exercise load, just raising and lowering a 500 ml PET bottle is sufficiently effective,
and it is said that the keyword of pressure training is effective at low load, short term, short time.
When working the arms, raising and lowering a 16 ounce bottle or 1 pound weight is sufficient as pressure training
is effective using a light weight with few repetitions over the course of 2-3 months.
The reason why it is so effective is that it is said that pressurization secretes 100 to 300 times as much growth hormone as compared to before training.
A large number of growth hormones are said to be secreted when people are in their late teens to early twenties.
Because the amount secreted decreases every year, the metabolism deteriorates and it is said to be the cause of aging. Since 100 to 300 times more growth hormones are secreted during pressure training, pressurization is very effective for both weight loss and anti-aging.
With a few minutes of the pressure training, the body starts to produce and accumulate lactic acid Generally, lactic acid is not produced unless you do long-term, high-intensity training. However, since pressurization produces lactic acid during the early stages of training, it stimulates receptors (receptors) in the muscles, and a lot of growth hormones are secreted from the pituitary gland. In other words, the muscles are tricked into working harder than usual and the brain initiates the secretion of a large amount of growth hormones and noradrenaline which promotes the growth of bones and muscles and encourages improvement of immunity.
Pressurization also significantly improves blood circulation and can be seen as a kind of blood vessel training. After the first few times of pressure training, some clients may experience petechial rash where the pressure bands are placed.- they are like little tiny bruises under the skin. After a few times, blood circulation is improved and the blood vessels become thicker and more resilient so the rash no longer occurs.
In addition, pressurization can simultaneously train two muscles (slow muscles and fasts muscle) which means it can also build muscle.
Now I wanna talk about the 5 major benefits of pressurization.


  • Toning
    Since pressure training works the muscles, ones weight might not change because muscles weigh more than fat but it helps create a toner, slimmer body within about 2 months. If clients are focused on actual weight loss, then they would need about 6-12 months of training.- Of course all of this depends on diet and what clients are eating!
  • Circulation
    Many clients complain of cold hands and feet. Pressure training encourages the blood to flow stronger and opens up the blood vessels helping the body warm up.
  • Endurance/ Rehabilitation
    Since pressurization can be done using low weight, it can be great for those with injuries such as broken bones and torn muscles.
  • Builds muscles
    Pressure training can help clients build muscle because it trains both fast muscles and slow muscles at the same time. Also, the creator of kaatsu training was a body builder.
  • Anti-Aging
    When we are young, skin regenerates every 28 days but with age the time period decreases, promoting aging. Since pressure training secretes a large amount of growth hormone, skin starts to regenerate over a longer period of time. The blood flow improves especially after 1 to 2 hours after pressurization and when body care such as aroma massage, beauty essence etc. are applied, oil and aroma are absorbed much more easily.

Large amount of secretion of the growth hormone with a pressure training!

To actively metabolism, and accelerated the regeneration and recovery of cells in the body

Growth hormone is made in the pituitary gland, spreads throughout the body riding on blood circulation, there is work to actively body growth and metabolism.
Others, brings the effect to such reduction and rejuvenation of the recovery period of decomposition and injury of strengthening and body fat of immune function.
When the lactic acid is produced by muscle fatigue, the receptor is stimulated.
Then transmitted the information to the pituitary gland, growth hormone is secreted.


Large amount of secretion of the growth hormone with a pressure training!

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