Women will pursue the instinctive beauty. Of course, it is I am also one of them.
After graduating from college, I was qualified as a nutritionist, and later, to absorb supplements, yoga, a greedy beauty and health of knowledge and technology and the pressure, we have to experience.
しBut, unfortunately, it is also true that there may not be said to be good in. However, no matter what it did not have that desire to pursue beauty is lost.
So I, founded the kunistyle as a place to tell people their own experience to the other.
Here we introduce to training, beauty regimen, the item is, but only the ones with their own experience, was able to realize its effect.
In the future, kunistyle with the development of the health and beauty industry will continue to evolve. By all means, please pay attention.

Kuniko iida profile

Five characteristics


Start from the fact that up the pressure belt, first adjust the breath.More metabolism will increase by increasing the concentration.

Pressure yogais the pressure yoga "to the yoga by the addition of pressure" that

Do yoga in a state in which wound a dedicated belt at the base of the arms and legs.
Yoga be done in the state referred to as the "pressure yoga".
You can enhance the effect of more yoga by the collaboration of yoga and the pressure.
Strengthening of such Inner of time also can be enhanced in a short period of time just do the usual lessons if pressure yoga.

  • ① muscle up and flexibility
  • ② burn fat
  • ③ anti-aging maintain a youthful body
  • ④ skin elasticity enhanced elasticity of the skin, the better the gloss

It will be by appointment only!

Postpartum diet support (Families with children OK))

Ginza and the new Shinagawa salon will be completely private appointment only because you come with children!


2015 Miss Universe beauty camp instructor

2015 Miss Universe beauty camp instructor "Kuniko Iida" devised personal salon. Pressure to know training, yoga, how to use the body in such DNA training, you can experience the joy of movement.
Miss Universe finalists who will do the training camp for Japan tournament.
Training camp and all the lessons in order to make a good-looking woman done in, was leadership in the response to the request of the 2015 Miss Universe beauty camp instructors "DNA diet" to the finalists.

Miss Universe beauty camp instructor studio Click here for details

Training before is done firmly the physical condition check. After counseling to first-time customers, it will be pressurized.

Resson for women tailored to each personone-on-one guidance tailored to the exercise intensity of the individual

Because women only in the appointment salon, you do not need to worry about that is seen around the training appearance.
Is performed by changing the strength in the combined training in personal counseling, it can be done training while enjoying Even if you exercise hate.
Training after, the seekers with a cup of tea beauty will tell training methods or the like in the dietary advice or at home do after counseling.


You can continue to impossible without pressure training at their own pace.

Lessons carried forwardall right even without forced digest the training!

Even if you can not digest the training times of one month so busy, so you can carry over to all the next month, it does not result in the waste of the training fee.
Torenin'ngu also time also, let's go in without any difficulty your pace.

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