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In kunistyle, you can use the following credit cards.

visa master card ameri
「Add yoga to pressurization to create a feminine body」A pressurized beauty different from other pressurized training. Admission fee:¥10,000

※for pressure beauty is of the training carried out by limiting the flow of blood, can not be more than 30 minutes of training while with the pressure belt
Kuniko Iida nomination fee: Each Time + ¥ 10,000

Pressure Beauty time Fee First trial
Complete the "pressure training for women" that specializes in the body of the woman.
Become fully one-on-one guidance, it is effective in diet / beautiful skin / blood flow improvement.
30 Minute ¥6,600
4 times¥26,400
DNA pressure Beauty time Fee First trial
kunistyle do the DNA analysis check by the original check sheet.
- sugar metabolism risk lipid metabolism risk-protein risk
and pressure training tailored for women in the constitution divided into do the dietary advice.
The first 60 minutes
(30 minutes later)
¥8,000 -
Pressurized voltage dividing the number of tickets Fee
1 time ticket 7,000 yen
(expiration date: within one month)
10 times ticket 66,500 yen
(expiration date: within 3 months)
30 times ticket 189,000yen
(expiration date: within one year)
Fastenings guidance time Fee First trial
The success of the diet is said and food accounts for 80%. Do the advice with a focus on Fastenings in addition to the usual dietary advice. Nutritionist, professional counselor will support the dietary advice tailored to your individual until the end. How far away does the advice to use the LINE call function. 30 minutes ¥6,000
(LINE call counseling)
(counseling at the salon)
Pressure cavitation time Fee First trial
It was added to the pressure on the topic of machine "cavitation + radio waves" in the beauty world "super diet course." 70 minutes ¥21,000 ¥12,000
Pressure yoga time Fee First trial
Do the asanas in accordance with the breathing in a state in which the wound pressure belt. Pressure yoga flexibility increases, it creates a supple and beautiful body. Half an hour ¥8,000 ¥6,200
Personal yoga time Fee
By carried out in the personal, because we will program a pause tailored to every one of the body of the state and hope, to understand the weaknesses and distortion of your body, by going to improve there, gradually the body and heart continue in place, it will change to take the body of a strong and flexible balance. We are led to notice feeling the change that comes happening in yourself. 30 minutes 60 minutes ¥3,500pressurized圧会members like limited ¥7,000
DNA training List price
DNA pressurized 圧会 members (30 minutes) ¥40,000
DNA testing only ¥23,000

Este menu

time New Shinagawa
Ginza store
FACIAL [Basic: The basic treatment that can also incorporated into any more]
· Drop the standard skin of dirt, comfortable treatments by hand massage. Is the base of the course to regain the original skin. 50 minutes ¥6,480 ¥5,400
- It is relaxation lymph massage + your face course going to loosen the facial muscles of. 60 minutes ¥10,800 ¥9,720
[Special Care: This course is to care intensively the skin problems to be worried]
ion introduction and hand massage
★whitening, dull
stain measures, dullness of your skin, the skin inside of useless - will continue to repair the-shaped recovery.
70 minutes ¥13,500
First ¥10,800
Lift up
radio waves and low-frequency
★sagging, swelling, firmness, elasticity
by radio wave + low frequency due to lymph drainage effect, small face, lift-up effect can be expected.
70 minutes ¥13,500
First ¥10,800
[Original course: special courses using the brass therapy]
Total anti-aging
brass Therapy hand massage
★ firmness, elasticity, anti-aging
by Brass therapy, promote the flow of blood capillaries, and improve the skin metabolism in the facial muscles at the same time
will continue to lift up lobbying.
90 minutes ¥15,120 ¥12,960
BODY [Relaxation: loosening the body's stiffness by the hand massage, course relaxing]
Aromatherapy body
hand massage
★ relaxation, body stiffness, stress
By adjust the balance of the whole body and mind, is the course to continue to enhance the natural healing power. Lymph
deep relaxation effect by the massage that work on the drainage + muscles and fascia is
60 minutes to
First ¥7,560
First ¥7,560
Conditioning Care
brass Therapy + hand massage
★ body stiffness, fatigue, poor circulation
by the brass therapy, prompting the discharge of waste products is stuck part, then the whole body
is a course that will flow.
We will go in accordance with the strong part of the physical condition and stiffness.
70 minutes to ¥12,420~ ¥11,340~
Total care
hand massage
★ relaxation, systemic fatigue
in oil massage + head massage or reflexology of the whole body, loosen all over the whole body,
you get a deep relaxation effect. We will go according to the physical condition.
90 minutes to ¥13,500~ ¥12,420~
[Slimming: slimming course using the cavitation + radio wave]
Body shape
cavitationradio wave
★ slimming, cellulite care
after the decomposition of cellulite in cavitation, encourages fat burning in the radio wave.
If you want to lose weight part, it is recommended of course also to those who do not fall in the exercise.
30 minutes to ¥10,800~
First ¥5,400
Deluxe size down
cavitation radio wavehand massage
★ slimming, cellulite care
after cellulite care in cavitation + radio waves, the body line by slimming massage
will continue trimmed.
60 minutes to ¥16,200~
Body shavecavitationLEDDHS
★ slimming, cellulite care
with decomposition cellulite cavitation, DHS (Dibu heat system) by the skin warm from the deep, fat burning by going to enhance the further metabolized by the wavelength of the LED prompts.
If you want to lose weight part, it is recommended of course to those who do
not fall in the exercise.
30 minutes to ¥7,560~
First ¥4,320
Deluxe size down
cavitationLEDDHShand massage
★ slimming, cellulite care
after cellulite care in cavitation + LED + DHS, by slimming massage
we will established a body line.
60 minutes to ¥12,960~
First ¥9,720

[FACIAL options]
ion introduction, brass Therapy
Special mask

10 minutes to
10 minutes to



[BODY options]
head massage, reflexology
radio waves, brass Therapy
10 minutes to
10 minutes to

Kachidoki Salon limited menu



[Basic basic treatments that can also incorporated into any more]

- Remove the skin of dirt, relaxes facial muscles with a soothing massage, is a course of basic regain the original skin.

Cleansing →soft peeling→massage→Pack→skin conditioning

50 minutes 


[Special Care :  will continue to approach the worries ]


Carefully loosen around the neck from the shoulder, we will go a lymphatic massage along the path.

Cleansing→soft peeling→massage (face, neck shoulder, decollete)→Pack→skin conditioning

60 minutes


Direia×human stem cell cultures course
200 or more growth factors, physiologically active substances act on cell activation, hypertonic

Lavish use of course was the "human stem cell culture fluid". This approach to the problem of all your skin.

Cleansing →soft peeling→uman stem cell culture liquid introducing→massage (face, neck shoulder, decollete)→human stem cell culture fluid pack →skin conditioning

70 minutes



[Relaxation loosening the body's stiffness by the hand massage, course relaxing]

Aroma Body
By adjust the balance of the whole body and mind, it is the course to continue to enhance the natural healing power. Deep relaxation effect by the door Re-Ment to reach out to lymph drainage + fascia can be obtained.

We will go in accordance with the state of your body.

30 minutes
60 minutes

90 minutes



First Press Limited ¥ 8,640


[Refresh course: a short period of time of refresh, is also recommended to match the facial course]

Head Treatment

While stimulating acupuncture points of the head, it will loosen the fascia. Neck, stiff neck, eye strain, will also be the lift-up of your face. You can take a rest in the pleasant stimulus.

30 minutes to



足裏~Over the soles - on the knee, we will remove the tired legs while stimulating the reflex zones. Improving blood flow throughout the body, swelling of the legs, remove the languor, you will be able to refresh.

30 minutes to



[Comfort dual: to be in the beauty of the effect of the medical level]

The Comfort dual?

The industry's first! Radio wave of 4MHZ (4 times that of the conventional radio school) is, to reduce the burden on the skin, works directly dermis, the subcutaneous fat.

There is no pain or downtime, guests experience the effect of the clinic level.

Immediately after treatment course, by collagen growth in the skin of the repair process, fast-acting, persistence can be expected.

Comfort lift Facial course

- wrinkles and sagging improvement: loose collagen is at once contraction! Effect sustained by promoting the regeneration

・ Contour correction ・ Small face: Sharp face line due to contraction of fat cells

・ Acne improvement: Acne bacteria that cause acne are sterilized

Makeup is possible immediately after the treatment.

Cleansing →soft peeling→RF shot &Moving→massage (face, neck shoulder, decollete)→Pack →skin conditioning

70 minutes


First Press Limited ¥ 10,800

Comfort slim body course

Pain without immediate sizes down acts on the collagen fibers and fat cells that do not reach a laser or ultraviolet rays, you can realize that sustainability.

Cavitation + RF moving&shot 30 minutes

Cavitation + RF Moving&shots + slimming massage 60 minutes

Cavitation + RF Moving&shots + slimming massage + Vantage 80 minutes

30 minutes to 90 minutes



First Press Limited ¥ 10,800



[You can put up to all of course]

Massage 10 minutes to

・direia×human stem cell culture fluid pack

Skewb Vantage care 20 minutes




★ There is also available. Deals on the number of times the ticket.

★ physical condition, because the combination of the menu to suit your physical condition is also possible, please contact us.


Normal lesson 30 minutes
Trial lesson 75 minutes

Kaatsu Yoga TRAINING 料金
Trial $90
Single session $130
10 session $1,200
20 session $2,300
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